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[BellesaFilms] Damon Dice, Izzy Lush (Rule #1 No Rules / 05.15.2020)


Izzy and Damon have it all figured out. Their hook-up relationship is strictly sexual and it works- because they laid out their rules ahead of time. No kissing. No sleepovers. No emotions. Just hot, casual sex. And it works well. Until it doesn’t anymore. After a while, the thrill of the hookup starts to wear off and Izzy wants more so she decides to take a chance and switch things up. When she calls Damon over to see if he’s open to breaking some of their rules, things are tense and uncertain at first… Until they both lean into their first kiss and open up a whole new world of possibility.


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Pornstars: Damon Dice, Izzy Lush