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[BellesaFilms] Gianna Dior, Gia Derza (Dry Spell / 04.10.2020)


Gianna had been going through a serious dry spell- one that felt like it would never end. When she gets in at 6am from a night out, her roommate Gia, who is about to head to work, just has to tease her. Gianna sprints to the shower, irritating Gia, who was about to hop in and get to work. Not having it, Gia jumps in the shower with her- and things escalate. Gia has been bisexual for ages, but Gianna had always thought of herself as straight. Is it the dry spell talking…or is this attraction she’s feeling to Gia the real deal?


Pornstars: Gia Derza, Gianna Dior