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[BellesaHouse] Jada Kai (Ideal To Be Best Friends / 10.28.2020)


Robby wanted to work with Jada because he was super impressed when he scoped her skills as a top level competitive figure skater – #SkillsPayTheBills. Jada was more than happy to accept his invite to the Bellesa House, having been dazzled by his friendly, gentlemanly vibes, not to mention his own athletic skills involving naked handstands on a skateboard. There’s a little nervousness at first, as they’ve never met each other in person before. But that quickly melts away with flowers and flirty kisses and of course, the customary sign assessment by Robby, our resident porn astrologer, and their passionate, playful fires are as good as lit!


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Pornstars: Jada Kai, Robby Echo

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Runtime: 41

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