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[CheatingWife] Aiko Endou (Director Fucks A Married Girl As Reimbursement / 04.12.2020)


Aiko has been sent by her company to apologize for the data loss caused by them. A simple apology meant nothing at this point since the data was very valuable. the director decides to get something off of this mess. What starts off as a simple apology ends up with Aiko being naked on the couch. We all know how this ends up; a naked female on a leather couch spells some good old’ fuck.
In this case, however, the director wants to voyeur some dick sucking, so Aiko has to suck off one of the guys at his company. Aiko, knowing that this means everything to her company and losing it would be a tremendous loss, she goes ahead to suck off the other guy.

The angles are what get you off in this video. Showing her perfect body was the top priority. Each and every clip is aimed at making Aiko the spotlight of the video. This doesn’t mean that they forget about Aiko’s pleasure. While she’s busy sucking off the second guy, the director also takes pleasure in caressing Aiko’s young pussy.
Her head game is so good that he busts a nut in her mouth, which Aiko was totally not expecting in this case.




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