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[CheatingWife] Kaoru Miyashiro (Cheats On Her Husband With A Stranger / 05.14.2020)


We don’t know how good Kaoru Miyashiro’s husband is to her, but she still cheated on him with a stranger. She doesn’t look like the kind of slutty wife who would do that, but maybe she needed a bit of action and adrenaline in her life. When she was approached on the street by a stranger, she was a bit skeptical at first, but the dude slowly seduced her. He convinced her that he’s going to drive her home with the groceries, but instead he took her to his car where he played his game right. They chatted a bit about her and her marriage. She confessed that she feels alone and wants some action in her life. She also admitted that she never cheated on her husband. But she didn’t say she’s not willing to do it. One thing lead to another and then the guy started touching her. She was quite shy and scare at first, but no one has touched her like that in a long while. She hasn’t done that before, but although she knew it was wrong, she let the guy feel her up. She was getting horny by the second and her moans will be an angel chant to your ears.


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