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[CheatingWife] Mayuka Momota (Mayuka Momota Seduced By A Shoplifter / 05.24.2020)


Not only the girls can get out of trouble by seducing the men who catch them red-handed. It turns out that men have that ability too. Mayuka Momota is a hard worker in a convenience store and she caught a man shoplifting. She took him in the back office and she wanted to call the cops. But the guy offered her his dick in exchange of letting him walk free. When he took off his pants and shown her his hard cock, Mayuka lost it. She didn’t know what to do. She was scared, but at the same time her pussy was getting wet. The guy knew how to push her buttons and get her to fuck him. He started groping her, he played with her boobs and kissed her nipples, and then he started licking her lady parts, including her tight little asshole. He even fucked her tight pussy with a carrot, and after that, he made her suck on his cock before he put it in her cunt to fuck her properly. Mayuka never had such a good fuck and when she reached her orgasm she even squirted a bit, with cum dripping out of her pussy.


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