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[CheatingWife] Yui Kasugano (Yui Kasugano Is At Home Alone When A Lover Comes Over To Fuck Her / 12.11.2021)


Yui Kasugano is our cheating housewife today. We love a hot young housewife who is bored at home every day. We love it when they just want to escape that boring life of cleaning and taking care of the house all day while their husband is away most likely flirting with the office pussy. They dream of going out at night like their husbands do and enjoying a drink with friends at a club. That is what their husbands do and they are most likely sticking their hands up the skirt of some hot bar girl or hostess while they are there getting fucked up with their colleagues. That is the worst! Yui is busy doing her daily chores at home today, just as usual she is making sure the house is clean and tidy for her husband when he returns from work. But today is different as Yui has someone in the house with her that is not her husband. And he is watching her every move as she bends over to clean exposing her cute pink thong panties. This is turning him on and seeing her engaged in all this work is getting him turned on. He wants a piece of that sweet ass she is hiding under her short house dress. He takes off his clothes and sticks his hard cock in her face. He slaps her cheeks with it and rubs it all over her face until it is too much for her and she sticks out her tongue and gives his cock a lick and a kiss. This is the best day of house cleaning she has ever had and now that his cock is all clean and hard, he wants to play hide the cock with her. He has the prefect place he wants to slip his dick in. Yui has a cute shaved pink pussy hole that would make a great home for his dick and he is going to bend Yui over and slip it in her. He pulls down her thong and… Go watch the full video. It is much better to see it than read about it. You are going to love seeing that pink pussy of Yui get destroyed.










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