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[DevilsFilm] Amari Anne, Angeline Red (Seducing My Straight White Best Friend #02 / 04.18.2022)


Amari Anne and Angeline Red, two best friends, are hanging out. Angeline is annoyed because her boyfriend doesn’t get her off in the bedroom. Although he’s great and they’re in love, she just wishes he’d make more effort to please HER in the bedroom.
Amari is sympathetic but points out that Angeline can just please HERSELF in the bedroom. That’s when Angeline admits that she’s not much of a diddler, so she doesn’t even really know how to get HERSELF off either. Amari is surprised, then offers to masturbate with Angeline to show her how to get off but Angeline claims she’s straight. When Amari rolls her eyes and insists that every woman NEEDS to know how to make herself cum, Angeline finally gives in.
Of course, once Amari begins guiding Angeline through the process, they both start getting hot. It’s only a matter of time before Angeline’s resolve tumbles and she lets Amari take care of her in a way no man EVER could.








Pornstars: Amari Anne, Angeline Red

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