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[DevilsFilm] Athena Faris (Swapped For A Younger Lover #01 / 04.19.2022)


Seth Gamble and his wife happily show a younger couple, Athena Faris and her boyfriend, around their home. The boyfriend is a new employee of Seth’s, so the younger couple was invited over for dinner so that they all could get to know each other. Now that dinner is over, though, Seth has his eye on dessert: Athena!
Once Athena’s boyfriend starts chatting it up with his wife, Seth sees the chance to get Athena alone. Seth cheerfully invites his wife to show the boyfriend more of the house elsewhere, and Seth and Athena are soon left to occupy themselves.
That’s when Seth reveals that he and the boyfriend are actually in cahoots. Since both men have their eye on each other’s significant others, they decided to team up and try swapping spouses!
Although Athena’s in disbelief at first, once she sees the proof for herself, she decides NOT to let her sneaky boyfriend have ALL the fun.








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