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[DickDrainers] Anastasia Rose (Painful Anal Punishment For Daddys Girl / 10.30.2020)


When you’re growing up…you learn certain things. About keeping your word. About respect. At least that’s what you’re supposed to learn. But apparently some of yall’s parent’s didn’t fuck ya’ll up enough. Take this dumb ass Mr. Rose. He owes some people some money. When you owe somebody money, you don’t dodge their calls. You don’t lie about when you’re gonna pay it back. You keep your word. And you pay up. But apparently nobody taught Mr. Rose that you don’t run from your problems. Somebody needs to teach Mr. Rose how to grow up. But nobody can find him. Like a lil weasel he’s good at covering his tracks .But you know what we did find? His little girl.


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Pornstars: Anastasia Rose,

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