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[Dyked] Natasha Ianova, Gia Gelato (Showering Her In Lust / 04.11.2020)


Whenever sweet ebony babe Gia Gelato finds herself in a bind at home, she can always turn to sizzling MILF Natasha Ianova for some tender, loving care. Today, she shows up at the nourishing woman’s house looking for a place to get away from her troubles, and she is welcomed with open arms. But Natasha wants to give Gia more than a shoulder to cry on. She goes down on her in the bedroom, flicking her tongue across the nubile’s sensitive clit and making her squirm in pleasure. Then, she whimpers as Gia vibes her vag to a screaming orgasm!



Pornstars: Gia Gelato, Natasha Ianova

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