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[FamilySwap] Andi James, Jessae Rosae (My Freaky Swap Family / 09.30.2020)


What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Jack Moore and Andi James play a married couple with two kids: Cody and Jessae Rosae. There’s lots of sexual tension as the makeshift family cleans the kitchen. Jack grabs Andi’s ass in her miniskirt as she’s doing the dishes. When that causes Andi to spill water on herself, Jack sends Cody in to finish the chore with his swap sister. Andi hit her boobs pretty good with the water, so as she tries dry off, both Jack and Cody are unable to keep their eyes away. To prove a point, Jessae sprays the water at her own chest and flashes her tiny titties at Cody…


Mirror 1


Mirror 2


Pornstars: Andi James, Jessae Rosae

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Runtime: 29

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