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[ForbiddenRelationship] Yui Ayana (Yui Ayana Masturbates In Neighbors Shower After Being Locked Out Of Her Apt / 03.14.2021)


Yui Ayana always does her laundry and leaves it outside to dry. her neighbor takes notice of this as her panties are so colorful and he enjoys the splash of color in the neighborhood. He also enjoys thinking about her pussy in those panties. One day he happens to hear her fucking someone through the walls of his apartment and he can now better imagine her sweet pussy. Yui has forgotten her keys to her apartment one day and asks her neighbor if she can come in to his place and wait a while while help arrives to help her get in. Yui is a big flirt and it does not take too long before she starts flirting with him and because she is getting quite warm she asks to use his shower. She proceeds to use his shower to clean up after being out all day and getting locked out and while showering she is thinking about how nice he is to allow her to come in to his apartment and also to shower. She begins to play with herself in the shower and gets quiet horny. She decides to use the hot water and masturbate right there in his shower. She soaps up her pussy and rubs it gets it nice and wet and runs her fingers up and over her pussy lips rubbing her clit and stimulating herself. She is hesitant to masturbate in his shower but her pussy is really hot and wet and she is so horny she turns off the water and really starts to finger her pussy all the while moaning out loud. She continues to finger her pussy and enjoy herself but a bit worried that he will hear her moans of pleasure. She is overcome with the desire to come and just continues on fingering herself until she comes.












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