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[ForbiddenRelationship] Yui Ayana (Yui Ayana Visits Her Neighbor And Fucks Him In Every Position All Afternoon / 03.22.2021)


Yui Ayana has enjoyed spending time at her new neighbors apartment after thinking she locked herself out of hers. Her neighbor is very shy and kind and he thinks she is very beautiful but he is too shy to talk to her. She has left a pair of her panties in his apt and she walks in catching him trying to steal them. He is so embarrassed. She thinks this is the cutest thing and makes him put her panties on his head. She can not help herself and starts kissing him. She knows now that he wants her and she is very happy to repay his kindness the other day for letting her in and allowing her to shower in his apt. She kisses him and teaches him to french kiss as she sticks out her tongue and kisses him deeply. Her hands are all over him and she is enjoying this as much as he is. She feels he is hard and she reaches down and starts to rub his crotch. She takes his hands and has him touch her breasts over her bra as she takes off her top. He has both her boobs in his hands and she is getting turned on with this young man and his hands all over her. Now she is really wanting his cock as she is so turned on. She pops it out and goes to work on it sucking and licking him. Yui takes off her top and has him play with her boobs while she takes his cock in her hands to jerk him off. This is turning out to be a great new neighbor as Yui has him playing with her tits and then she is wet enough and so horny she wants to get his cock inside her. She straddles him and rides him enjoying his cock deep inside her pussy. She loves to ride cock and after a good har fuck she asks him to take her from behind and fuck her doggy style. This has been her neighbor’s greatest afternoon as he has never had such a lovely piece of pussy all to himself all afternoon.












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