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[FuckWithBlackMen] Yume Mizuki (Yume Mizuki And Her Black American Model Get Naked And Fuck / 03.10.2021)


Yume Mizuki had a great time filming her first porn scene with an American black man. It was a very surprising afternoon for her as the photographer had not told her he wanted her to shoot with a male model. And then the male model was an American man. The photographer encouraged them to get close together and create some heat for the photos he was taking. From there it just evolved into both her and the male model grabbing each other and kissing and disrobing each other. These two both got along very well and they have decided to continue getting to know each other. In the photo shoot Yume had her mouth on his cock and was sucking him off. She enjoyed his cock and he loved having her mouth on his cock sucking him and jerking him off. She was only half nude as he had her bra off and she used her large tits to titty fuck him. Now that they have some more time together he wants to explore a little more of Yume. He has her sit in front of him and he spreads her legs and puts his hands between her legs to warm her up. He is hungry for her pussy and makes sure to spend a lot of time rubbing her and exploring her. She gets up and takes off her top so she can lay on top of him and let him suck on her beautiful tits. She is only wearing a thong now and he has her finger her pussy for him as he enjoys watching her and slapping her beautiful ass. He peels off her panties and spreads her legs and has her slip a finger into her open pussy as he pulls it open wide for her. He has had enough of the fingering and now wants to taste that pussy as he turns her over and knees in front of her and slips his tongue inside her, tasting that pussy juice and licking her pink pussy lips. He is going to want a little more now and it’s time to slip his cock inside her. He lays her down and gets in behind her and lifts one leg high so he can slide his cock deep in her pussy. She is so lovely to watch naked getting fucked as her big tits bounce around. He now wants her on top of him so he can watch her slide up and down his cock while her lovely tits bounce up and down.












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