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[GirlsWay] Amari Anne, Avery Black (Bedding And Entering / 02.11.2021)


It’s night and all is quiet in an empty living room. But soon, robber Avery Black creeps quietly through the house. Avery has a small knapsack slung over her shoulder. She looks around the room for things to steal, picking up and looking at various objects and putting them in her bag.When she’s done looking around, she creeps out of the room.A few moments later, Avery creeps into a darkened bedroom through the open door. She sees Amari Anne in bed with her eyes closed. Avery looks cautious but not completely surprised. Avery creeps around the room, picking things up and placing various objects in her bag.Suddenly Amari stirs. There is a moment of suspense as Avery freezes. When Amari doesn’t say anything, Avery breathes a deep and quiet sigh of relief and resumes creeping.But her relief is short-lived because a moment later, Avery is daintily taking a step when she accidentally makes a noise. Avery freezes as Amari’s eyes instantly snap open, sitting up in bed. Because of the dark and the fact that she does not have her contacts in, Amari thinks that Avery is her partner coming home. Amari pulls the covers aside and pats the bed, motioning for Avery to get in.Avery gulps nervously. How’s she gonna get out of this one??












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