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[Girlsway] Daya Knight, Claire Roos (Being Discreet At Dinner / 01.12.2023)


Claire Roos and her girlfriend Daya Knight are chatting when they hear the doorbell ring. Not expecting any visitors, Claire leaves to answer the front door. The surprise visitor turns out to be Claire’s parent, who is standing in the doorway with takeout. Despite having arrived unannounced, she invites herself to stay for dinner. Claire seems unnerved, but lets her in.

When Claire and her parent enter the dining room, Daya starts to introduce herself but is interrupted by Claire, who lies that Daya is her roommate. Claire’s parent then exits to the nearby kitchen to prepare the takeout. Daya confronts Claire, asking why she’s lying to her parent about their relationship. Claire admits she hasn’t come out as a lesbian to her parent yet because her family is very conservative, and asks Daya to not reveal anything.

Claire’s parent returns and serves the food, but goes back to the kitchen to get cutlery and plates. Daya seems to get an idea about how to teach Claire a lesson, and goes under the table just as Claire’s parent reenters. Unbeknownst to Claire’s parent, Daya seduces Claire from under the table and then rips her pants open, exposing her pussy. Daya eats Claire out from under the table, all while Claire tries to maintain a conversation with her parent! But eventually, Daya accidentally gives herself away and comes out from under the table. Claire admits that she is a lesbian, and her parent storms out. Oh well, now that everything’s out in the open, the girlfriends agree to finish what they started, and have a playful sex session!








Pornstars: Claire Roos, Daya Knight

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