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[GirlsWay] Lilly Bell, Casca Akashova (Naughty Nanny Cam / 09.06.2020)


Casca Akashova sits down on her bed with her laptop, saying aloud to herself that it’s time to review yesterday’s nanny cam footage. She clicks a file and plays the recording. The nanny, Lilly Bell, appears in the video – she has a mischievous smile as she looks directly into the camera. Casca is taken aback when Lilly directly addresses her.

Lilly says that she knows Casca is the only one who watches these videos, so, now that no one else is home, she has a special surprise JUST for Casca. ‘But DON’T tell your husband!’ Lilly adds with a flirty wink. Much to Casca’s shock, Lilly begins to perform for the camera, doing a sexy striptease, speaking into the camera and telling Casca that she’s always had a thing for mothers. Casca at first seems offended, covering her eyes. But she gradually gets more curious and begins to peek through her fingers.

Eventually, Lilly is completely nude and she begins to masturbate for Casca. At this point, Casca’s curiosity and arousal finally get the best of her and she takes her hands away from her eyes. As she watches Lilly pleasure herself, Casca is so caught up that she can’t help but masturbate to the footage herself.

This is one NAUGHTY nanny cam!


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Pornstars: Casca Akashova, Lilly Bell

Video Information

Added: 2 years ago by Tulo
Runtime: 34

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