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[GirlsWay] Scarlit Scandal, Nickey Huntsman (Picking Up Where We Left Off / 12.05.2021)


Scarlit Scandal and Nickey Huntsman, two old friends, meet up at a high school reunion. They haven’t seen each other in YEARS and are so happy to catch up after stealing away to a classroom to escape their noisy peers.

As they talk about the fun times they had together, it’s revealed that they both were a bit on the mischievous side. It seems like there was nothing these two wouldn’t do in order to have a bit of fun! It also seems like the more they relive these wonderful memories, the more something sparks between them…

That’s when Nickey brings up how they both were stood up on Prom night. Instead of letting themselves be bummed out about it, it led to sexy experimentation in a classroom. Now, years later, their curiosity is piqued as they wonder exactly HOW the rest of the night would’ve ended if they hadn’t been interrupted… Maybe it’s time to finally pick up where they left off to settle their curiosity once and for all!










Pornstars: Nickey Huntsman, Scarlit Scandal

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