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[GloryholeSecrets] Rebecca Vanguard (Rebecca V’s Second Gloryhole Video / 04.15.2022)


Rebecca loves giving handjobs and sucking dicks. That endears her to many men and explains her recent endeavors in the adult industry . While Rebecca may appear a bit quiet and reserved at first, put a few cocks in front of her and she turns into an absolute fucktoy slut! Remember this is her second gloryhole ever so let’s see how much she has learned since her first time with us. Rebecca chose a somewhat conservative outfit today, good thing it falls off her shoulders pretty easily as she begins her first round of dick sucking. Notice how much she plays with herself as she takes on that wide variety of cocks in her mouth. Most girls can’t get themselves off just sucking and swallowing the cum of strange men, but Rebecca can. This girl likes being used and getting her stomach filled with cum. Watch Rebecca get her womb filled with cum over on soon too, but she’ll have her work cut out for her to improve upon her performance today. Tell us what you’d like and we’ll coach Rebecca on the finer points of her second film on!








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