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[HomeCleaningService] Shinobu Igarashi (Shinobu Igarashi Cleans The House Naked As The Owner Uses A Sex Toy On Her / 12.16.2020)


Shinobu Igarashi has a job as a home cleaner. She spends her time every day going to people’s houses. Her motto is to get the house as clean as her own naked body. When Shinobu does her cleaning she does it naked! She gets to the home, and strips off her clothes and gets started straight away cleaning the house as naked as the day she was born. Shinobu has beautiful solid figure with nice large juicy tits. Her boobs have the perfect hang as she kneels down to clean the floors of the house. Today the owner of the house can not keep his eyes off her as she cleans the house. Shinobu is not shy to bend right over and show her rear pussy as she wipes the furniture and floors clean. She spreads her legs wide as she polishes the table. The owner just watches as he sees every inch of her naked body and her sweet pussy as well. Shinobu loves her job and does not mind being watched as she goes about her work naked cleaning every inch of the house. As Shinobu is on the floor spreading her legs the owner of the house can not hold on any longer and gets between her legs and sticks his tongue deep inside her pussy. She resists at first but his warm tongue licking and sucking her pussy is too much for him as he goes to work massaging her pussy with his mouth. Shinobu moans as he sucks away at her pussy enjoying her spread open legs and pink inner pussy and pussy juice in his mouth. The owner leads Shinobu to the table and pulls out a sex toy from a drawer as he has her suck on it to get it wet and then promptly uses it on her now wet pussy hole. She seems to enjoy being worked on as she moans at each thrust of the dildo deep inside her hairy Japanese pussy. The climax is intense as Shinobu can not hold on any longer as her body shakes from her orgasim.












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