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[IShareMyGirlfriend] Rina Serino (Rina Serino’s Husband Invites A Stranger To Join Him In A Hotel To Fuck His Wife / 04.15.2021)


If you recall our sexy hot housewife Nina, who was taken out for a date by her husband only to find out that he invited a man he met online to come into their car and get his cock sucked by her. After the cock sucking, her husband let her know that it was his dream to have another man fuck her while he watched. He has driven them both to a hotel and the three are in the room as the strange man gropes at her body and kisses her mouth. Nina is not sure she can go through with this as her husband is there and she is being asked to fuck another man. Her husband asks her to try and see if she can do it. The stranger continues to touch and play with her and grope her. He takes off her blouse and then removes her bra. We see Nina’s perfect tits and her lovely nipples. The stranger leans over and kisses her nipples and sucks on them as he reaches a hand down between her legs and plays with her pussy through her panties. Nina is still unsure of all of this as she is a faithful Japanese housewife but she is getting warmed up to the idea as he continues to play with her pussy and rub her clit. Her husband is still at her side and watching as this man spreads open her legs and uses his fingers to probe her pink pussy. Nina continues to ask her husband for him to stop but the stranger leans down and uses his tongue and mouth to suck on her pussy. He is so hard he gets up and asks her to suck him again. But this time her husband also wants his cock sucked so he asks her to suck both at the same time. This is turning into a real fuckfest as both men grope her and feel her up and go to work on her pussy. Nina is going to finally have a threesome and in the end a creampie is in store for her cute pink pussy hole. Nina really gets worked over and fucked well today












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