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[IsThisReal] Sera Ryder (Tricked Into Getting Stuck / 11.23.2020)


Alex Jett purposely places a bottle of lube in his room before he calls his 18-year-old stepsister Sera Ryder in. He claims that heneeds her help to grab his phone, which he accidentally dropped in the small space between the wall and the bed. He’s too big toget in there but she’s just small enough. She happily agrees. Sera gets down on all fours and begins to crawl between the bed and the wall. Alex rubs his hands together with excitement. AsSera gets her top half into the space, she calls up that she can’t reach the phone. Alex keeps coaxing her to go deeper, saying ‘I’msure you’re almost there, just a little further and you’ll get it!’ ‘That’s it, keep reaching, just a liiiiittle more…!’ Finally, with her tophalf almost entirely in the space between the bed and the wall, she exclaims with horror that she’s stuck! Alex pumps his fist silentlyin delight. This was clearly his plan all along. Alex offers to pull her out by grabbing Sera by the pants. When she agrees, he pulls her, ‘accidentally’ pulling her pants andunderwear off in the process, leaving her still stuck with her entire bottom half exposed and sticking out. She exclaims in shock andAlex pretends to be surprised at what he just did. He then ‘finds’ the bottle of lube that he purposefully set aside earlier. He tellsher that he found some lube that could help her get unstuck but it’s the same lube he uses to…you know… Sera is a little put off by that but is so desperate to get out that she tells him to use it, saying ‘Uhhhh… i-it’s fine, just get it overwith!’ Alex then ‘accidentally’ pours the lube all over her ass and pussy area. When Sera tells him to clean it, Alex begins to ‘clean’ thelube off of her, intentionally spreading it around her ass and pussy in an increasingly sexual way. Sera moans slightly with pleasure. Alex notices and asks her if that felt good. She is embarrassed but reluctantly admits that it DIDfeel good – telling him not to stop. Looks like things are going exactly as planned for Alex!


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Added: 2 years ago by Tulo
Runtime: 41

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