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[JapanHDV] Ako Nishino (Ako Nishino Is In Her School Uniform Today Visiting An Older Man / 04.20.2022)


Ako Nishino is a member of the uniform club. Which means she wears a cute uniform and visits members who pay for her to come by and show herself in her uniform. This is a nice club to belong to as once a month you get a knock on your door unexpectedly from a lovely young lady who has come to visit wearing some uniform that you are sure to find very exciting. This is a bit of role play that is fun for the member as he can have an afternoon with a maid or nurse or sometimes like today a school girl who has come without her mother’s knowledge to visit the older gentleman for an afternoon of debauchery. Today there is a knock on the door and it is the cutie Ako Nishino who has unexpectedly turned up wearing her cutest outfit, a schoolgirl plaid skirt and white blouse with her book bag in tow. The member opens the door and lets her in and even before she has entered the house he is on his knees in front of her asking her to please show him her schoolgirl panties. They are as to be expected from a young schoolgirl, white panties filled with a sweet young pussy that is hungry for a sexual experience. Ako lifts her skirt high and then turns around so our member can be sure to see her sweet ass as he leans forward and buries his head in her ass and takes a deep whiff of her sweet young smell. He is in heaven and his hard on is visible under his pants. He lets her know that he is rock hard for her and motions for her to please use her hands to explore his crotch region and see for herself. From there… Go watch the full video to see what she does then upon this discovery.








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