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[JapanHDV] Ami Oya (Ami Oya Is Home Alone For The Day When A Neighbor Comes To Visit / 04.16.2022)


What fun for the sweet Ami Oya, her parents are away for the day. It is a Sunday and she has the house to herself. She can do whatever she want, and eat whatever she wants and just enjoy herself all day. She thinks it would be fun to have the neighbor over today. She has always thought he was cute and since she has the house to herself she can entertain him for the day and spend some time playing and getting to know him. She prepares some snacks and games and invites him to come over. This could not have been a better idea as she has a fun time playing with him. He has been so nice to her and played all her games. She really is enjoying him and starts to feel a little horny for him as he is so close to her. She decides to play some eating and kissing games to see if he also feels the same way. She plays with him some and he starts to kiss her and reaches out to grab a hold of her. This is getting to be more fun than she expected. She has never had a man so close to her before and he seems to know what he is doing as he grabs her breasts and then starts to unbutton her blouse. He has his hands all over her and he pulls her blouse off and then unhooks her bra and pulls it up. He goes right for her nipples with his mouth and starts to suck on them as if they were little chocolate kisses. What they end up doing they do right there in the living room on the sofa. What a fun time she had and you can see the creampie she got in the full video.








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