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[JapanHDV] Anna Anjyo (Anna Anjyo Answers An Ad For A Roommate And Fucks To Live Rent Free / 01.06.2022)


Anna Anjyo is on TV in Japan. She is popular and somewhat well known. She happened to have a fight with her roommate and she threw her out. She had to find a place to live and answered an ad online from a single man with a big apartment that was looking for a roommate. The man’s real intention was to find some hot babes to live with him which is why he rented such a big apartment. He did not expect that Anna Anjyo would answer his ad and come to live with him. He is a fan of hers and thinks she is the most lovely girl in the world. The first thing she does when she gets there is go and take a shower. He of course watches her undress in the bathroom cause he is a voyeur and it is too good to have this hot babe in his house and not try to spy on her in the bath. Anna has a lovely body and the tightest sweetest ass and all he wants is to get inside that hot piece of ass. This is the best day of his life! He is going to get some rent money and get to peep on the sexiest Japanese babe. Turns out that Anna is not so dumb and knew he was peeping on her in the bath and now she wants to live in the apt for free in exchange for fucking him. I think this is going to work out well for Anna as she is so tight and sweet that her pussy is going to be hard to resist at any price. We then see Anna convince him with her body that the best thing he can do is let her live there for free and she will suck him off and let him fuck that hot sweet ass of hers.










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