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[JapanHDV] Erina Takigawa (Maid Erina Takigawa Gets Caught Being Naughty And Is Punished / 04.12.2022)


Erina Takigawa is a naughty maid. She works at a house cleaning and taking care of the household needs every day. She spends all her day in the house of her master cleaning as her master is at work. She has become so close to her master as she sees all his personal items every day. She goes about cleaning his room and his bed. She smells the bedsheets and smells his scent that has remained there. She also takes care of his clothes and at times she will take off her maid uniform and wear his dress shirt around the house just to have his smell on her. And then she will get in his bed, and take off her panties and then she will finger fuck herself imaging that it is her master sliding his tongue deep inside her pussy. She will cum with the thought of her master sliding his cock inside her and enjoying her from behind as she bends over and he pulls down her panties to fuck her doggy style from behind. Today maid Erina Takigawa is at in front of her master and he is chatting with her and she seems so shy when he is in front of her but he seems to know what he has been doing in his house when he is away at work. She is embarrassed by her behavior but not sorry that she was caught as now the master is going to punish her for her actions. This punishment will include her getting her pussy fucked. He is going to grab her and turn her around and with her uniform still on, going to slip his hard cock in her lil pussy. And this should teach her to be naughty by herself while he is away.








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