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[JapanHDV] Hikaru Kirishima (In The Hot Springs With Hikaru Kirishima And Her Lover / 03.31.2022)


In the hot springs with Hikaru Kirishima and her lover. If you remember Miss Hikaru Kirishima has brought a man to the hot springs today. He was not quite sure what to do as they were not lovers and he was not sure what he should do when he saw her changing out of her street clothes for the first time. Hikaru is not shy and changed in front of him as he watched her take off her bra and get into her yukata. She has such a sexy slender body and so fucking lovely and all he wanted to do is reach out and touch it. But since he was not sure what he should do he just waited. Hikaru then suggested they give each other massages and she would start on him. That lasted just a minute before she thought it best to let him massage her and she would slip out of her yakata for this and just let him rub her body while she wore her panties. This was nice for him as he started to rub her cute ass and tits and Hikaru got hot enough that she took off her panties and let him play with her pussy. But Hikaru decided the best place to continue that was in the shower so she led him to the shower area so they could bathe and get clean. Hikaru decided she would soap him up first and get his cock nice and clean. She then got all soapy and used her body to rub all over him and get him clean. She made sure to spend extra time on his cock and balls. She really wanted him clean.










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