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[JapanHDV] Kyoka Makimura (Kyoka Makimura Comes To Play The Saxophone For Us And Gets Naked / 04.10.2022)


Kyoka Makimura is our musical guest today. We enjoy some hot women and some lovely tunes. We thought it would be fun to combine the two today and so we had Kyoka Makimura come over with her sax and play a little something for us. Then one of our perverted office guys floats the idea of having her perform naked. WTF? Seriously, this was to be a classy event seeing Kyoka Makimura playing the sax and this office staff thought she should be naked. Well we fired that guy right away. But the next day we got to talking and what would be better for a Japanese porn site to have on than a sexy hot Japanese girl naked, playing a sexy instrument like the saxophone? Well, we asked Kyoka Makimura to visit us, dress up and all and perform for us. Kyoka thought it would be great so she came over one evening and we filmed her naked, doing her performance. It was perfect and we all had raging hard ons by the time she was done. She got dressed to leave and we thought since she was already here and looking lovely and we all had hard cocks, why not have her come back in and we could seduce her and fuck her. Well, we had the cameras on and there she was and then we had to decide which of us was going to slide our cock in her. When she came back in and sat on our sofa we had our accountant go out and start to seduce her. He had his hands all over her and then he had her stand up and he reached up and pulled her skirt up to show us her panties. Fuck! We were all so jealous cause she looked so fucking hot!








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