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[JapanHDV] Mai Araki (The Naughty Maid Mai Araki Comes To A Home For The No Panty Service / 08.02.2022)


What a difficult time we are living through. We are stuck at home most of the time and going out to work and play is just not so easy at the moment. Because of this there are new services that are popping up that are allowing all of us to stay at home but still enjoy some of the lovely things that life offers. We can have our meals delivered and have meetings over the internet. But as life has painfully taught us, you can not suck your won cock. That presents a problem if you are stuck at home and need your cock sucked. You also might get the itch for some hot shaved Japanese pussy, well, that is not so easy to get at home while you are at home. That is until now and the new service was created to cater to all the men who are art home alone and require maid service that also includes the cock sucking and spread leg no panty upskirt views that are needed to get hard. Today Miss Mai Araki is on her rounds servicing the single men who have been stuck at home in their Tokyo apartments. She knocks on the door of a gentleman that is waiting for her and upon entering the apt, she drops to her sweet knees and slips his cock into her mouth. She is dressed in her uniform and as he requested, she was sure not to wear any panties. She spreads her pretty legs to show him that she is indeed shaved and her pussy is ready for whatever he might require of her. As she is a good employee, she makes sure to give this gentleman the full service which includes… Go watch the full video to see what magic she performs for him.








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