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[JapanHDV] Maki Hojo (Maki Hojo And Her Bartender End Up In Bed After A Fun Filled Night Out / 03.07.2022)


Maki Hojo is drowning her troubles and confiding in the bartender. It is late at night and she has had a bit and now she is quite loose lipped about her best friend. It seems that Tsubaki Kato has a new romance with a younger man and they have fallen in love. This is actually great for Tsubaki as her husband is always at work and he is always busy and his cock is always in someone else. So, of course Tsubaki is bored alone at home and she wants to feel love and get some cock in her as well. She finds a man that adores her and being quite a bit younger than her has a cock that could pound nails. But perhaps all this new love and attention Miss Tsubaki Kato is getting has made Maki jealous. She wants to find someone to fall in love with as well. Perhaps she just wants cock or maybe she really wants the attention of a man. But be that as it may, Miss Maki Hojo is open to about anything and this point and when the bartender is so eager to be her shoulder to lie on and has an open ear to hear her troubles that when he makes a move on her she is very receptive. It does not take much to get her to bed and this younger handsome bartender is there to make her feel good about herself. He takes her home right away and strips off her clothes and lays her down on the bed and kisses her deeply while his hands reach down into her most sacred spot, her panties. He pulls off her bra and slides down with his body to kiss her breasts and then down to her panties as he turns her over to kiss and massage her sexy ass. From there he










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