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[JapanHDV] Mirai Aoyama (We Have A Magic Mirror For Mirai Aoyama Today And A Group Of Men For Her Too / 06.08.2021)


Mirai Aoyama is always such a good sport. We had a fun time with her earlier in the make up room as she got ready for today’s video shoot. We did not tell her much about what we would be doing, we just mentioned an abandoned building and a mirror. This got her very excited. She imagined what we were talking about but could not have imagined what would be happening to her. As she enters the space today she notices the bed and the mirror over it and the large hole on the bottom. She has no idea what it will be used for. She also has no idea we have called a whole group of horny men to the shoot today to help us out with our new fun toy. It is called a magic mirror as Mirai puts her head through it and can not see what is happening to her body on the other side. She just knows that someone starts to touch her. And then she realizes that there are more than one set of hands that are touching her and she realizes this is going to be a gang bang of her pussy as a group of men are going to go to work on her sexy body as she lays on the bed with her head on the other side not seeing what is happening. Our group of men begin by using their hands to explore the body of Mirai and they then bend over and start to use their tongues on her licking her sexy body and tasting her delicious sweat. These men are all hungry and are anxious to take Mirai. They pull off her panties and spread her legs and start to explore her pussy as they spread it open. Mirai has the pinkest pussy that all the men seem to want to take a lick of. It seems the whole group of men take their turn licking her pussy juice as she lays restrained on the bed. The gentlemen take out a sex toy to stimulate her pussy and get it ready for the pounding that is to come. This whole group of men all take turns using Mirai’s pussy and enjoying it as they each stick their cocks inside her and pound her pretty pussy. Mirai of course moans out loud as these men fill her with their semen. What a fun magic mirror as Mirai gets fucked time and time again. We even have Mirai get in doggy position to allow some men to fuck her doggy style. This was a great shoot you re going to want to watch.












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