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[JapanHDV] Misaki Yoshimura (Misaki Yoshimura On A Rooftop Garden Gets Naked And Plays With Us / 11.11.2021)


Outside on the streets of Tokyo with MIss Misaki Yoshimura. What a delight to see Miss Misaki Yoshimura and spend some time together. We are more than excited as today we asked Misaki to bring something special for us to play with. We call it a kind of foreplay and you are going to love seeing what it is. Misaki is dressed in a long coat and we are very excited to see what it is she has on under her coat. We are hoping it is something that is sexy and can turn us on. We ask Misaki to unbutton her coat and show us and we see but there is a problem, she has to use the restroom and on this rooftop there are no bathrooms. She really has to pee and she can not hold it. We let her know that since we are on a rooftop it is fine if she pees here. She opens her coat and shows us her cute lingerie on underneath and we see that she really has to pee. Then, Misaki just lets go and we see a stream of pee coming out of her panties as she relieves herself right there on camera in front of us. This is sexy as hell for us and our cameraman is instantly hard. Misaki notices his hard cock and now that she has relieved herself she is up for anything. She knees down and starts talking about his hard cock and she runs her hands up his legs to his buttons to open up his jeans. She is now wearing a sly smile as she sees that his hard cock is ready to pop out and say hello to her and she starts rubbing it through his underwear which turns her on more and more. This is turning out to be a great start to our time together as Misaki pulls his underwear down and grabs a hold of his cock and slips it in her.. Go watch the full video. It is so much better than our description of it. You are going to love seeing Misaki suck a hard cock and spread her pretty legs to show us her pretty pussy.










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