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[JapanHDV] Misaki Yoshimura (Misaki Yoshimura Sucks Off A Colleague In Her Office / 09.18.2021)


When the cat is away the mice come out and play. That also happens when the boss is away. So, in the office where Misaki Yoshimura works there is a new employee. He has worked there for just a short time and being the kind office girl that Miss Misaki Yoshimura is she wants to know if he has settled into the new job and if he feels comfortable there. It is the middle of the afternoon and the boss has gone out on business and left Misaki and her new co-worker alone. He expects them to be professional and do their work while he is out. What he does not expect is for them to engage in any kind of sexual play or even coitus. But if you know Miss Misaki Yoshimura you know that she is sexy and often horny and loves the attention of a man. She decides this afternoon is a good opportunity for her to seduce this new office worker. She gets up close to him and teases him and plays with him a bit and then boldly takes his hand and lets him undo her blouse as she then pulls her bra up so he can caress her lovely breasts. The new employee thinks he has hit the jackpot and this must be the best job in the world and Miss Yoshimura leans in and pushes her breasts in his face and invites him to suck on her nipples. She is now really turned on and since he did such a nice licking and sucking of her nipples she feels so horny she reaches down herself and starts to play with her own pussy. She is now so hungry all she can think about is his cock in her mouth. She gets him to stand up so she can pull his pants down and remove his hard cock from under his underwear. What she does next is on the full video. Go watch how she treats that hard cock.










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