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[JapanHDV] Shino Aoi (What Would You Do If Shino Aoi Were Your Girlfriend? / 09.08.2021)


One of the things we sometimes imagine is what it would be like to be the lover of one of these sexy hot models that fill our site. So, this series with Shino Aoi is titled, “What would you do if Shino Aoi were your girlfriend? Where would you take her? How would you spend the day with her? We would of course find some way that we could be naked with her no matter what we end up doing. I mean, if you got to spend the whole day with her, you would prefer that she be naked. So, what we imagine doing is taking her to an onsen and enjoying her naked body as we enjoy the refreshing hot springs nearby. We would be able to have her strip down and get naked while we sat in the water and all this time we would be doing every thing we could to get up close to her and enjoy her sexy hot body close to ours. So, this video of Shino Aoi we are posting today is of that imagined day spent at an onsen with her. Once we got there the first thing we do is change into our yakatas and of course while we do we are going to be watching Shino while she gets naked and puts on her yakata. We hope she is watching us as well so that she sees that our cock is ready to go and if she were so inclined we would allow her to lean over and take it into her mouth. She has such a lovely mouth and it is always so hungry for hard cock. Our cock would be rock hard from watching her get naked and she does love a hard cock deep in one of her holes. This is going to be a fun day and getting Miss Shino Aoi naked and all to ourselves is going to be the best day ever!










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