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[JapanHDV] Yua Saiki (We Visit Yua Saiki Today In Her Apartment To Give Her An Inner View. / 11.23.2021)


We are visiting Miss Yua Saiki in her home today. She is a very famous JAV model and we get to spend some time with her today filming. We meet her on the street and our cameras are rolling as we want to be sure to get as much footage of her as we can. She is surprised to see us filming her as we go to the shoot as our cameras are focused on her short shorts and her lovely ass cheeks that are hanging out. God we are already in love with this girl even before we get home as she is so cute. She really has a lovely face and her body is of course excellent. She seems to know how great her legs and ass are as she wears the shortest jean shorts so we can enjoy her legs as we walk down the street. We get to her apt and of course are so curious about how she lives that we start exploring her apt and looking in all her drawers and closets so we can see all her intimate things. We find some very sexy lingerie that she has in a box and our male actor wants to do nothing more than put her panties on his head and see if he can smell the lingering scent of her hot Japanese pussy. Being in such close proximity to this lovely girl, our lead actor is getting horny and can not help himself and decides it is time to give her a hug and kiss her neck a bit and put his arms around her and grab her breasts some. From there he just wants to explore her body and turns her around and pulls her jean shorts up into her ass crack and starts kissing and grabbing her ass cheeks. God we wish we were him. From there he… Please just go watch the full video. Yua Saiki is so lovely you are going to fall in love with her!










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