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[KimonoLady] Hitomi Hayama (Our Kimono Lady Today Is Hitomi Hayama Who Takes You To A Spa To Bathe You / 06.28.2021)


There are many styles of kimonos and although they are all mostly lovely some of them are also sexy. Today our kimono lady is Hitomi Hayama and she has on a very unique kimono. It is actually see through. You can see right into her kimono and since she is not wearing any underwear you can see her lovely tits and ass. This is especially lovely as she is so sexy and has such a nice slender body. She is a kind kimono girl and is there to service you and make sure you have a wonderful experience. There are some rules here and she asks that you change clothes into a yakata and she is so helpful she takes off your clothes for you and gets you into a more comfortable yakata for you to wear. After changing clothes it is time to take you to the bathing area where you are to be washed. Hitomi continues on with her wonderful service by coming into the bath room naked so she can help you get clean. She looks fucking hot naked and she is so petite and cute and has such a nice slender body you are really going to enjoy this as she asks you if it is OK if she bathe you. Of course nothing could make you happier and she starts to get you all wet and soapy and makes sure she rubs your back and chest and gets you all soapy wet. She asks you to stand so she can access your hard cock. She soaps it up nicely taking special care of your balls. She then washes all the soap off and sticks the head of your cock in her mouth. She jerks you and sucks you and enjoys your cock in her mouth and then leads you over to a hot pool so she can continue your rub down. She kisses you there and enjoys your hot body as she slides up and down it.












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