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[LilHumpers] Britney Amber (Lil Campers / 09.03.2020)


College chums Ricky and Juan are having their annual indoor camp-out in Ricky’s living room; a jolly event full of shadow puppets, marshmallows and looking at porn on their phones. Things get a bit awkward when Ricky’s dad comes home with a date, the stunning Britney Amber. Ricky and Juan promise to keep the noise down, as Ricky’s dad leads a bewildered Britney upstairs. As the night goes on, Ricky and Juan get turned on by their porn and start humping marshmallows (as one does while camping); Britney goes downstairs to investigate after being awoken by their moans. Shock turns to horniness when Britney sees how big Ricky and Juan’s dicks are, compared to her disappointing date’s. It’s a camping trip no one will ever forget!


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Pornstars: Britney Amber,

Video Information

Added: 2 years ago by Tulo
Runtime: 30

Categories: LilHumpers

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