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[MyBestFriendGirlfriend] Tomomi Motozawa (Tomomi Motozawa’s Boyfriend Is Brought Home Drunk By A Friend Who She Then Fucks / 07.02.2021)


What happens when you can not find your boyfriend and he won’t answer his phone late at night? You are worried about him only to have him show up later with a friend that is carrying him as he drank so much and not walk on his own. How terrible that someone had to bring him home as he was too drunk to get home by himself. His friend was kind enough to take care of him and be sure that he got home safely. All this causes you to re-evaluate your relationship with your boyfriend. Since he has passed out and his friend is there talking to you, you open up to him about the difficulty you have with your boyfriend. You have to decide what you are going to do as this friend of your boyfriend’s is very kind and you have hit it off with him. He is very interested in you and you are tired of your old boyfriend so you give it a shot. He takes you quickly as he it is late and he has been drinking and you are so vulnerable. He kisses you and begins to move closer to you to feel your body. His hands are all over your breasts and you can tell he is horny and wants to get you naked by the way he is grabbing at your breasts. He slips off your top and kisses your boobs and licks you and now you are getting horny. In a minute his cock is out of his pants and you are leaning down wanting to stick it in your mouth. He has made you so horny and your panties are off and your mouth is on his cock and your tits are out and he is looking down at you as you suck on him. From there you both can not stop despite your boyfriend being feet away passed out. You get a nice quiet fuck there on the sofa and he gets a much needed release into your pussy as he takes you doggy style and holds your hands back as he gives you a hard dicking.












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