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[MylfXMandyFlores] Mandy Flores (But Youre Married / 10.27.2020)


You’ve been asked to come over and console your hot friend Mandy because she found out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. You want to help her feel better but you also secretly have been hoping for this day. Your wife is away so it is the perfect time to make this happen! First you softly caress Mandy’s bare thigh while she is describing what happened. She looks at you funny and takes your hand off of her leg, but once she starts talking again you resume your rubbing. She mentions your wife but you let her know that it’s ok, your wife is away, and you want to help Mandy feel better any way you can. She lets you continue to rub her, and after a few moments decides she needs to remove your ring before things continue. She does, and then begins to unbutton her sexy Jean shorts, turning around as they come down to show you her amazing ass. When she faces you again she is rubbing her pussy, and you reach forward and do the same, immersing your fingers into her hot silky wet pussy lips. Watch the video to see where it goes from here……. Mandy Flores


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