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[NewNurse] Ayumi Iwasa (Ayumi Iwasa Is A Nurse Helping A Man With His Dick Problem Today / 11.13.2021)


Everyone loves a girl in a uniform. And if this girl is Japanese, WOW! And if this Japanese girl in a uniform is in a nurse uniform, FUCK ME! That is about the most exciting set up you can have as all those components make one fucking hot sexy babe that you are going to have an amazing afternoon with. Today we have Miss Ayumi Iwasa and she has been working in this clinic for a month now. She is so happy to work in this relaxed clinic and the Doctors there are also very happy to have her there as she is such a good worker. The Doctors want to support their staff and make sure they have all their needs met. Today one doctor is here working the same shift as Ayumi and he has had his eye on her for some time as she has some sexy hot legs, a slender figure and a cute sexy mouth that he has been dreaming about since she started. Ayumi has a mouth that looks like it was made to suck cock. It is the perfect size and Ayumi has the sufficient skills to suck you off and make you cum and then rub your balls so you spew every once of cum out and into her mouth and onto her face. Ayumi is working today and a patient comes in with a condition where he can not get an erection. The doctor understands the condition and knows that Ayumi will be useful in helping diagnose him. Ayumi is going to grab a hold of that cock and let the doctor examine it. Of course this patient has never had such an experience and since the doctor needs to be sure he can get and maintain the erection Ayumi grabs him and starts to jerk him off. Then… go watch the full video, you are going to want to see how Ayumi Iwasa helps this patient with his problem!










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