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[NewNurse] Yui Nozomi (Yui Nozomi Is A Nurse Who Likes To Fuck Patients Late At Night In Their Rooms / 04.21.2021)


If you were sick in the hospital and needed mending wouldn’t it be nice to have a nurse that cared for you and made sure all your needs were met? Today we have Yui Nozomi as a hospital nurse checking on a patient. She had noticed him before and thought he was quite handsome. Yui thought the best medicine could be administered at night when everyone was sleeping. She could sneak into his room and make sure that this sick patient had a nice time with her mouth all over him. When she opens the curtains she finds him awake. She asks how he is feeling and she can see that he is happy to see her. He is instantly aroused at her being in his room late at night and looking so lovely. Yui sits on the bed and reaches down and pulls up his clothes to lick his nipples. She plays with him and then pulls the blanket off to use her feet and rub his cock through his underwear. She is not shy and lifts her uniform to show him her cute white panties as she continues to play with his cock with her feet. She decides to give him a show and pulls her panties up tight so he can see her pussy. His cock is rock hard so she decides to lean over and take it in her mouth. Yui sucks on his cock as he reaches down to grab her tits. He wants her naked so she unbuttons her uniform and lets him reach inside and play with her nipples. Her tits are out now and he pulls Yui up so he can suck on her nipples as she straddles him. Now he wants her nude so she pulls down her panties and uniform and lays back on the bed to show him her pussy. She is wet and she lifts her leg so he can see deep inside her. What a lovely meaty pussy she has and he reaches down to play with it. He wants it in his mouth so he turns over and spreads her legs to eat her out. She climaxes with his tongue inside her and now she is wanting his cock in her mouth again. Yui is sucking him off and now wants him inside her so she reaches down and guides his cock inside her. She bounces up and down on him enjoying his cock as it penetrates her deeply. He wants to try some new positions as well and he takes her doggy style before he finally lays her back and unloads all his cum inside her to give her a nice creampie.














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