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[NewOfficeLady] Koi Miyamura (Koi Miyamura Prods Her Student To Take Off His Pants To Jerk Him Off / 12.22.2020)


We return to our sexy doctor, Koi Miyamura. Not only is she a doctor, but she is also a teacher to new doctors. She feels that it is part of her responsibility to help the new doctors feel comfortable and relaxed and ready to perform very difficult surgeries. Today we continue on with her student that feels nervous about a new surgery he must perform the next day. She has persuaded him that she knows how he feels and the best thing for him would be to release the pressure he has built up. Koi has asked him to join her in the other room where there is a bed and he can be made more comfortable. She has helped him to take off his pants and is stroking his cock and getting horny with his dick in her hands. She starts to lick him and pulls off his shirt so she can pay attention to his naked body while she uses her hands to stroke his cock. She begins kissing him and uses her tongue on his to get him good and ready for what is coming next. She takes off her clothes to show him her sweet petite Japanese figure. She teases him as she slowing removes her panties and spreads her legs as she asks him to lick her nipples while she uses her fingers to get herself hot and wet. This is almost too much for her as he works away on her tits and her fingers rub her cute pink pussy making sure to stimulate her clit. Koi is enjoying this as her student then opens her legs and dives down to get to work with his mouth on that sweet hole hiding between her legs. From there they both are too horny and they get to work doing the real fucking.












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