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[NewOfficeLady] Kotomi Asakura (Kotomi Asakura Must Pleasure Herself In Front Of An Office Worker / 02.12.2021)


Kotomi is called upon to go to a co-workers home. He was to have gone on vacation to Thailand but his office has called off his trip. He is so upset he asks that someone from the office be sent over to apologize to him for this terrible inconvenience that they have caused him. He realizes that the office has a cute girl that will be the one sent over to apologize and explain the error they have caused. Kotomi comes in and realizes he is very upset and that this mistake is hers and it could cause her to get fired if she can not make it right. Kotomi pleads with him for forgiveness and he explains that the way to right this problem is for her to do as he asks and raise her skirt and show him her panties. Kotomi knows that she could be fired and so decides that she will do her best to make sure he is not angry and will not complain to her boss for the mistake made. She raises her skirt an pulls off her pantyhose and then takes off her panties for him. She is very nervous but does it as it will help smooth things over. He asks that she hand him her panties so that he can cup them in his hands and take a good long smell of them and smell her pussy. This turns him on and he now wants her to take off her clothes. He wants her to rub her own pussy while he watches. She opens her blouse and pulls up her bra and grabs a hold of her tits to start rubbing them. Kotomi then raises her skirt so she can play with her clit and get herself off for him. As she is so excited from this she squirts her pussy juice all over the floor as she has climaxed for him while he watched her.












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