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[NewOfficeLady] Maiko Sargimi (Maiko Sargimi Sucks And Fucks An Upset Client Today In The Office. / 04.19.2021)


Our expert apologist has blown the angry client. Maiko has sucked all the cum she could out of his balls. She has licked and sucked on his ass and jerked him off. Maiko has taken off his clothes and given him a tongue bath. She has satisfied this client sexually to change his mind about the problem that has arisen between their companies. Now he has rested a bit she continues to lick him and grope his cock. He is now hard again as he sits up and reaches for her tits as she unbuttons her blouse. Maiko helps the client by lifting her bra and allowing him to lick and suck on her nipples. He has his hands all over her slender body as she jerks off his cock. If this client is go forgive her company for their mistake he is going to want more than a blow job. He reaches down between her legs and rubs her pussy through her panties. He is now wanting her pussy so Maiko slips off her pantyhose so he can get a better feel of her pussy. She sucks on his fingers as he reaches into her panties and plays with her pussy. He wants to slide one in and she is now wet enough that he can penetrate her with his fingers easily. Maiko sits back on the chair, leans back and opens her legs so he can finger her properly. She moans with pleasure as his finger slides in and out of her wet pussy. What a lovely sight for the client to see her spread open like this and panting from the finger fuck he is giving her. He wants her in his mouth so he reaches down and slides his tongue inside her. She tastes so delicious he pulls her on top of him so she can sit on his face and jerk him off as well. Maiko can sense he wants more so she mounts his cock, guiding it into her pussy. He gives her a nice fuck and she makes sure that she is loud and clear with her moaning as she slides up and down on his cock.










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