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[OutdoorFuck] Aya Kisaki, Sakura Aoi (Sakura Aoi And Aya Kisaki Meet Some Men On The Mountain And Fuck Them / 07.18.2021)


Sakura Aoi and Aya Kisaki are on a camping trip with their husbands. What stared out as an innocent trip with two couples just wanting to go outdoors and play in the mountains turned into a fucking orgy where these hot babes sucked and fucked and did a husband swap. They spent all night half drunk licking and sucking on each other and enjoying each other’s partner. This morning the girls get up to find the men are out so they go to find them. What they end up finding is a single man who has fallen asleep while reading. They surprise him as he thought he was alone up at the camp grounds. Aya decides to tease and play with him and starts to show him some cleavage to turn him on. She is such a tease she lets him grope her tits. He feels like he is in a dream as she massages her tits and Aya decides she wants to kiss him. Aya thinks this is fun and decides to tell him to come back to their cabin so they can continue the fun. In the. meantime Sakura has gone off and found a maintenance man. She teases him and gets him horny as she unbuttons her top and lets him see her tits and allows him to grab them. He is getting hard now and she wants to play some more but they are out in the open and he is at work. Just then Aya comes in with her new found friend and they start to make out. These how women seduce the men and what happens next is they are naked with two strange men in the middle of the mountains. These ladies are now fully horny and committed to getting some cock in them so they take both of their new friends and give them a good sucking and then let them enjoy their wet pussies allowing them to finger, lick and suck on them. Finally they lay down together and both men hop on to ride them with their legs spread wide and pussy open to receive their cocks.










Pornstars: Aya Kisaki, Sakura Aoi

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