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[PornMegaLoad] Coralyn Jewel (Anal In The Family / 04.10.2020)


When 43-year-old Coralyn Jewel’s husband leaves for work, she calls her best friend and says, “His step-son moved in with us. He looks like a baby, but he doesn’t seem like a baby, that’s for sure. He gets out of the shower, he puts on his underwear and he walks to his room and I can see he’s not such a baby. I think he’s got a really nice cock, and Dad’s gone and I’m going to find out.” So that’s what she does. Coralyn goes to Juan’s room and sees him fast asleep under the covers. She lifts the covers and finds her step-son’s horse cock sticking out from under his shorts. She can’t resist his morning wood. To waste it would be a shame. So she strokes it and sucks it. He starts to stir. He’s feeling good, as if this is the best wet dream he’s ever had, but then he sees who’s sucking his cock. “You’re my step-mom,” Juan (that’s Juan “El Caballo” Loco) says with a start. “What are you doing? You just married my dad last week.”

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