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[PornMegaLoad] Leilani Lei, Rita Daniels (BBC / 04.24.2020)


Today, we have our first-ever meeting of a great 50PlusMILF and a great 60PlusMILF: 55-year-old Leilani Lei and 69-year-old Rita Daniels. Physically, these women couldn’t be more different. Silver-haired Leilani is 5’1″, weighs 108 pounds soaking wet and has pretty, tiny little titties. Statuesque, dark-haired Rita is 5’7″, 128 pounds with big, firm tits. But they’re bosom buddies who are alike in a very important way: They both love pussy and cock.
“I think we’re gonna get lucky tonight,” Rita says to Leilani as they sit at a club, enjoying a glass of wine, checking out the young guys who have been checking them out.
No doubt about that. Leilani phones a friend: fuck-buddy Ludus, who’s only 33 years old. They take him back to Leilani’s place, and it’s game on!
Among the many highlights of this epic scene:
• Rita 69ing with Ludus while Leilani sucks his balls.
• Leilani sitting on Ludus’ face while Rita sucks his big, black cock.


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Pornstars: Leilani Lei, Rita Daniels

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