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[PornstarPlatinum] Alix Lovell, Nikki Phoenix (Feather Duster Asshole Fucker / 04.21.2020)


Nikki Phoenix & I are maids & this guy, Rocky St.Roberts and we are always cleaning up after him, especially in his bedroom. He is always leaving his room a mess, especially his freaking bed! Nikki & I have come to the conclusion he is doing it on purpose, and he has cameras set up in his room watching us in these sexy maid outfits he makes us wear! Sure enough as Nikki was cleaning, when she spotted a fucking camera! What a weirdo! Nikki has a great idea, we should fuck each other just to fuck with him! And that’s exactly what we did! We put on a real good show on for this pervert, including sticking Rocky’s antique feather duster up Nikki’s asshole! After 10 or so minutes of this while eating out Nikki and jamming the duster in her asshole, low and behold Rocky walked in on us! And he could not believe what he saw, give me a break he watches everything we do! And now he wants us to really work for our money, no problem Rocky!


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Pornstars: Alix Lovell, Nikki Phoenix

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