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[PureTaboo] Dixie Lynn (Gray Area / 04.20.2021)


SCENE OPENS to Scarlet (Dixie Lynn) working as a barista in a cafe. As she chats with another barista, Charlene, Scarlet tells her that she’s fascinated by a college guy named Gray (Tyler Nixon) who is currently performing at the cafe, as he does every open mic night.

Gray finishes his performance and starts packing up his equipment. Scarlet runs up to Gray as he descends from the stage, gushing to him about his amazing performance that night. Gray looks her up and down, and his smile widens, indicating that he likes what he sees. Gray exaggerates his accomplishments, claiming that he has an album, and saying that he has a lot of other projects in the works, and is collaborating with some very exciting people. Scarlet eats it all up.

Gray asks Scarlet when her shift is over, and she says that it’s actually ending right now. He invites her back to his nearby loft so he can give her a copy of his album, but she hesitates. Not wanting to lose this opportunity, Gray says that he has a new song on the album that she would love. He’ll even autograph the album for her! Scarlet agrees.

Scarlet removes her apron and tells Charlene that she’s done with her shift, wishing Charlene a good rest of the evening. Charlene is still busy with cleaning up, so she simply smiles and waves to Scarlet, but that smile turns into a worried expression upon seeing Scarlet go out the door with Gray.


A short time later, Gray and Scarlet enter Gray’s loft. It’s a dump, but Scarlet is so starstruck that she brushes aside the warning signs that Gray is actually a loser.

Scarlet is excited, saying she can’t wait to tell her boyfriend that she got an autographed album from a REAL musician. Gray frowns slightly but quickly hides it, asking Scarlet about her boyfriend. She says that his name is Hunter. Gray tries to find out more information, asking what Hunter does for a living. Gray acts unimpressed, as if he thinks Hunter sounds like a boring person. This eventually leads to Gray asking what Hunter is like in bed.

Scarlet is surprised at the last question, but after some coaxing from Gray, she shyly admits that she and Hunter are both virgins because they’re waiting for the right time.

At this revelation, Gray points out that Hunter sounds kind of lame. Wouldn’t she rather be with someone more worldly?

Scarlet is amazed, but hesitant at the idea of betraying Hunter. Gray says that she’s special to him because she’s his BIGGEST fan. Scarlet melts at these words, and she and Gray come together for an intense kiss.

Will Scarlet figure out what kind of a person Gray REALLY is?














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